HIBCC Releases UDI Suite

April 8, 2019
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Create, Calculate, and Confirm UDI Information with HIBCC’s suite of cloud-based tools.

How do I Create a UDI?

This on line utility will generate a UDI from the product information you enter.   In combination with your HIBCC LIC the Creator tool will provide you with the correct data combination for printing on packages and to meet FDA-required uploads to the GUDID.

What is my Check Character?

Every HIBCC symbol includes a Modulo-43 check character which is derived from the product that you enter.  Our tool will calculate the correct modulo-43 check character for you.

Is my UDI on the FDA’s GUDID?

Enter an existing UDI on our tool to search the FDA database and confirm the product information that corresponds to your UDI.

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