The Health Industry Number (HIN) for Providers

The Health Industry Number (HIN) for Providers

The HIN is a unique and standardized identifier that enumerates hospitals, providers, suppliers, and all other partners doing business in the supply chain. It is the method used by your trading partners for identifying locations of services and activities at your facilities.

HIN information is available to you, as a hospital or provider, without charge, via your GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) or medical supplier/distributor.

Organizations are encouraged to periodically review and update their HIN assignments, as well as to request additional assignments for locations that have not yet been enumerated with a HIN.

As a Provider you may also access your HIN directly from HIBCC. The process can be initiated by completing the HIN request form in the Obtain Your HIN link below.

Please Review This Section Before Obtaining Your HIN

Fee per HIN when applied directly with HIBCC:

  • Initial fee – $100.00 
  • Annual renewal fee – $50.00

The facility must either be already open, or opening within 30 (calendar) days in order for the HIN to be assigned.

  1. The first step is to fill out the Data License Use Agreement.
  2. Next you will be redirected to a page where you will fill out additional information needed to assign the HIN, and you will enter your payment information.
  3. Once all proper paperwork is received, we will initiate a HIN request and once complete, your HIN assignment will be emailed to you.

Obtain your HIN

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