License the HIN System

License the HIN System

The HIN System is currently comprised of two separate databases, each of which is offered under separate license.

The databases are:

  1. HIN Human Health Facility Database – Includes all healthcare facilities identified by SHIP TO address.
  2. HIN Animal Health Database – Includes both veterinarians and animal health facilities, identified by practice location and SHIP TO address respectively.

Why Use the HIN?

The HIN was developed to establish a common reference for identifying health care entities in electronic transactions between trading partners. The overall objectives of the HIN are to provide:

  • Consistency – Use the same identifier when referring to the same entity or organization.
  • Accuracy – Increase the accuracy of distributor reporting and manufacturer sales analysis by the use of a consistent identifier, and by the elimination of cross-reference files for each distributor.
  • Efficiency – Reduce the amount of clerical effort needed by manufacturers to research and maintain cross-reference files.
  • Timeliness – Publish new identifiers and updates periodically to authorized manufacturers and distributors so that they can maintain their files on a timely basis. Reduce the look-up effort and reduce the lag-time in rebate payments.

Visit our HIN resources section to access additional documentation about the System.

Interested in Becoming a HIN Licensee?

If you are interested in becoming a HIN licensee, complete the appropriate application form from the list below, as well as the Data License Agreement.

Data License Agreement


Human Health Facility Licensee Application

Online Download

Animal Health Licensee Application


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