The Health Industry Number System (HIN®)

The Health Industry Number System (HIN®)

Everyone Needs an “Address” on the Information Highway.

The HIN, a unique ID for identifying all trading partners, is designed to serve that purpose.

The HIN was created by the healthcare industry as a universal identifier that would support the business needs of all trading partners in the supply chain during their electronic communications and transactions.

HIN Identifies Locations & Services

As a randomly assigned, nine-character, alpha-numeric identifier, HIN is extremely flexible. Not only can it identify specific health care facilities, but also specific locations and/or departments within them. HIN assignments currently identify more than 2.5 million locations and services both domestically and internationally, reflecting brick and mortar, functional, and legal entities.

The HIN System was designed to allow authorized licensees the ability to customize HIN use with their specific trading partners, while still maintaining standard formats the rest of the industry can recognize. By using the HIN System, each partner can quickly match information it receives to its own customer list whenever it shares or exchanges information with others. As a consequence, expensive and inefficient administrative cross-referencing tasks are eliminated.

By creating the HIN, HIBCC has created a system which simultaneously imposes the necessary rigidities of a centralized standard, while meeting the needs of individual users to alter components when necessary.

HIN Registration Is Easy

HIN is user driven; the data originates from information supplied by health care locations and facilities. We then independently validate and maintain the HIN data to ensure the information is correct and up-to-date. You can obtain your HIN here.

License the HIN Database

The HIN System is currently comprised of three separate databases: Human Health, Prescriber and Animal Health, each of which is offered under separate license. If you are interested in becoming a HIN licensee, be sure to read the documents available in the HIN resources section and complete the appropriate application on our License the HIN Database page.

For more information, please call 1-877-GET-HINS.