Apply for a Labeler Identification Code (LIC)

Apply for a Labeler Identification Code (LIC)

If you need to create a barcode and/or UDI, the first step is to apply for an LIC assignment using the online form below.

If you prefer, you can download a PDF of the LIC application form, complete and return it via mail, fax or email.

The assigned LIC identifies the registered company, not an individual product or device; it can be used across multiple product lines. The cost of an LIC assignment is based upon a companys gross annual sales and is a one-time fee. There are no recurring costs to maintain your global LIC registration with HIBCC.

Once you have been assigned an LIC, your company can begin to create identifiers at multiple packaging levels, depending upon the required granularity of identification necessary, utilizing the HIBC Supplier Labeling Standard (SLS).

LIC Fee Information

To view the LIC fee schedule click here

To view HIBCC’s Clarification on LIC Fees click here.

Update an LIC

To update an existing LIC click here.

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If you have any questions about the LIC application form, or the process involved in creating a bar code, please contact us.

Labeler Identification Code (LIC) Application Form

(Revised Nov. 2015)

1. LIC Application Form (PDF Download)

To download a PDF of the LIC application form click here.

Download PDF

2. LIC Application Form (Online)