HIN User Account Page Enhanced to Provide Multiple Customer Identifiers

August 23, 2019
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HIBCC has updated its user account page to provide HIN users with the ability to add related identifiers to their Customer HIN Lists (CHLs). The CHL was designed to allow licensed HIN users to create and manage their customer HINs without having to search and sort the entire HIN database. Each CHL is specific to each Licensee and can be viewed only by the licensee who created it. The CHL is now easier to manage, while still remaining confidential.

HIBCC has implemented the following enhancements:

  • Users will no longer have to separately cross reference internal customer IDs to their HIN records once they are added to the CHL.
  • As many as five additional Identifiers, such as Customer IDs, DEAs, 340B IDs, etc., can be added to each HIN record to provide a complete list for related identifiers.
  • A new “Search” feature has been added to the CHL, making it easier and quicker to locate a specific customer. Users with larger CHLs will find search time dramatically reduced.  Users can Search by any CHL field and/or automatically generate a wildcard search.
  • Users can organize their CHL with a new “Sort” feature, based upon any CHL field.
  • A new Comment feature allows adding notes to individual records on the CHL.

For more information on the iHIN Web Portal and Customer HIN List, download our HIN FAQs.

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