iHIN® Web Based Portal Enhancement and New Processes Scheduled

May 16, 2019
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Licensees will be able to create and manage their own Customer HIN List on iHIN®

Updated HIN submission processes and guidelines

Enhanced search HIN options and HIN results list

On Friday (5/17/2019) at 12pm EST, HIBCC’s iHIN Web Based Portal will be temporarily shut down for scheduled maintenance and to implement several enhancements, as described below. To ensure the uptime and stability during the work week, we will be implementing these enhancements throughout the weekend.

The following enhancements will be implemented:

1. You will be able to create your specific organization’s Customer HIN List (CHL) online – and you will be able to maintain your list by adding and saving HINs. Your CHL will be private and not viewable by other licensees. Once created, you will have the option to view your CHL data without having to search and sort the entire HIN database to find you customers. The number of records you can include in your CHL will be limited only by your company or organization’s HIN database license level.

2. Our revised HIN request submission process will feature three options that will allow our system to automatically validate your request when you:
a. Submit a single add HIN request;
b. Submit a single change HIN request;
c. Upload a file using the new HIN request template (See Resources Below)

3. An enhanced search option will allow users to search the HIN database by entering a street number or address, combined with name, state, and/or zip code. This new option will narrow the search results more quickly, thereby saving significant user time.

4. HINs will be viewable from the search results list, along with name, address, and market segment or class of trade. As always search results and your view will be based upon your company or organization’s HIN database license.

We expect that the iHIN Web Based Portal will be available on Monday (5/20). HIBCC will be sending an announcement date for webinars and training regarding these new enhancements.

Download the HIN Request Template

Download the HIN Request Submission Guidelines