HINAPI is now available

April 15, 2020
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HIBCC’s HIN Application Programming Interface (HINAPI) Service is now available. The HINAPI provides real-time HIN database integration with existing user systems and applications.  

HIBCC’s HIN System is an integral part of the healthcare supply chain, and its expanding use has created the need for our licensees to be able to access and utilize HIN data faster.   HINAPI will fill that need by providing a pathway for direct integration into existing internal systems, automating the HIN updating process, and allowing users to adapt HIN to their specific business needs.  

For example, the HINAPI can be used to:

  • Retrieve HIN information, status, class of trade or market segment, etc.
  • Automate HIN daily or weekly updates;
  • Determine if a HIN has been enumerated for a particular facility; and
  • Validate if your trading partner is an active HIN licensee;

The HINAPI will thus save time spent on validation and other HIN activities.  Integrating HINAPI into workflows will allow applications to publish HIN content automatically on a real-time basis by directly pulling data from our database servers.

For more information contact HIBCC or complete the HINAPI registration form at www.hibcc.org.