HIBCC Welcomes Pakistan-Based Affiliate

July 2, 2019
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HIBCC is pleased to announce that it has appointed a Pakistan-Based affiliate organization, in cooperation with QMSCI (Quality Management System Certification International), a long-standing regulatory and engineering consulting company that is headquartered in Sialkot, PK and also has offices in several other countries.  QMSCI has created a new organization, HIBCC Pakistan (HIBCC PK).  HIBCC PK will provide technical support and regulatory guidance to companies for compliance with Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations globally.   HIBCC has been designated as an Issuing Entity by both the European Commission and the US FDA for their respective UDI initiatives.

The HIBC Supplier Labeling Standard (SLS) was specifically designed to address the more stringent safety and security considerations of the healthcare setting. As such, HIBC data formats are consistent, flexible, globally compatible, and industry supported.

HIBCC CEO Robert Hankin, PhD stated “We are pleased to add HIBCC PK to our growing network of affiliated organizations.  We will work directly with HIBCC PK to assist our industry to meet UDI regulations worldwide.”

To learn more about HIBCC and UDI, visit www.hibcc.org or contact HIBCC directly at info@hibcc.org or (602) 381-1091.

Email info@hibccpakistan.org to contact HIBCC Pakistan directly.