HIBCC Releases New HIN Activity Codes To Comply With 340B GPO Prohibition Rule

April 1, 2014
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As a consequence of recent changes in 340B compliance measures HIBCC has released four new activity codes to be used by HIN licensees to identify Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) account transactions.

As of April 1st, HIN requests with the following activity codes will be accepted.

Activity Code        Description
W4                  WAC – Disproportionate Share Hospital
WI                   WAC – Children’s Hospital
WM                  WAC – Free Standing Cancer Hospital
WS                  WAC – Shipping Address
WAC account records are represented as location records in the HIN facility database. An add location (AL) request should be submitted to HIBCC with the corresponding activity code and valid 340B ID. If you have additional questions please contact the HIN Department via email at dba@hibcc.org.