The HIBC UDI-Builder is now available. This tool will allow you to create, calculate, confirm, and collect UDIs.

October 11, 2019
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Create HIBC UDIs
The HIBC UDI-Builder’s intuitive, easy-to-use design assists users in quickly creating their UDIs. This on line utility will generate a UDI from the product information you enter. In combination with your HIBCC LIC the Creator tool will provide you with the correct data format for printing on packages and to meet FDA-required uploads to the GUDID. Additionally, labelers can upload pre-existing UDI information.

Calculate HIBC UDI Check Characters
Every HIBCC symbol includes a Modulo-43 check character which is derived from the data that you enter. Our tool will calculate the correct modulo-43 check character for you.

Check UDIs with the FDA’s GUDID
Enter an existing UDI on our tool to retrieve product information from the FDA’s GUDID. This tool also verifies the validity of the Labeler Identification Code (LIC) in your UDI by referencing HIBCC’s LIC database.

Access Previously Created UDIs with My HIBC UDI
The “My HIBC UDI” tool allows you to collect and store all your UDIs in a single location for later retrieval. There is no limit to the number of UDIs you can store in your My HIBC UDI account.

Click here to access the HIBC UDI-Builder.

To learn more about UDI visit the HIBCC website at or contact HIBCC directly at or (602) 381-1091