HIBCC’s HIN System supporting healthcare supplier efforts to fight COVID-19

March 20, 2020
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As the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rapidly evolve, HIBCC remains focused upon playing its part in ensuring that necessary medical devices and pharmaceuticals will move through their supply chain unhampered.  HIBCC’s Health Industry Number (HIN) is used by the vast majority of pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers to facilitate the necessary “electronic paperwork” that triggers the delivery to health care providers of these critical products. The HIN database includes more than 1.7 million ship-to locations in the US and North America. These locations include all hospitals, pharmacies, and nursing homes, as well as outpatient facilities, private practices, government healthcare facilities, etc.     

The HIN System uniquely identifies not only healthcare facilities, but specific locations, departments, and functions within them. It was created by healthcare industry leaders as a unique, standardized location identifier which supports the transaction requirements of trading partners in the supply chain.    HIN streamlines communications and other processes, so that suppliers can focus on what is most important; supporting the ultimate delivery of care to patients.

HIBCC CEO Robert Hankin, PhD stated “we are committed to supporting our HIN user community by remaining ‘open for business’ to continually maintain our iHIN portal and to respond to incoming requests for HIN data”.

To learn more about how HIBCC and how the HIN System supports the healthcare industry visit www.hibcc.org or contact HIBCC directly at info@hibcc.org or +1 (602) 381-1091.