Clarification on LIC Fees

This statement is being released to respond to several inquires concerning the cost to acquire Labeler Identification Code (LIC) assignments for labeling and UDI Implementation.

HIBCC is the accredited Secretariat and ANSI-Standards Development Organization for the HIBC Supplier Labeling Standard.    We are also the designated FDA Issuing Agency for LIC assignments for HIBC-based Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs).  It is our responsibility to assure the integrity of assigned LICs and establish equity in the cost to acquire LIC assignments.

HIBCC reaffirms its long-standing position that labelers are not required to pay continuing fees to acquire and maintain their LIC assignments.   When HIBCC developed our Supplier Labeling Standard (SLS) in 1984 we established a one-time fee basis for assignment of the required Labeler Identification Code (LIC), i.e., the company prefix in the HIBC primary data structure (and more recently in the FDA required UDI).  We have never waivered from this position, which has been in place for over thirty years.  Assigned LICs are permanent, never rescinded or reassigned, and globally deployable.   Other than the initial one-time fee, LIC holders thereafter have no financial obligation to HIBCC.

Some HIBCC Labelers have previously registered for an LIC through HIBCC-affiliated organizations, and as a consequence may be paying recurring charges (or “dues”).   This has led to some confusion.  In order to assist those labelers, we are confirming that if they so choose they may elect to cease these payments and notify HIBCC so that we can update their contact information on our Global Labeler Database and continue to maintain their LIC on our registry.  There is no charge associated with this update.

As has always been the case, any company seeking a new LIC that registers directly with HIBCC incurs no such recurring charges, regardless of the location of the applying company.   The LIC assignment is global and there is no territorial exclusivity associated with the source of the assignment.

For more information on UDI visit our UDI & Labeling Resource Center.

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