Create HIBC UDIs and Bar Code Structures

Create HIBC UDIs and Bar Code Structures

Creating a HIBC bar code structure provides healthcare trading partners with the Universal Product Number (UPN) and Unique Device Identifier (UDI) that are now required to do business.

This simple tool will enable you to create HIBC-UPN data structures (bar codes) according to the HIBC Supplier Labeling Standard in seconds.

Please note that your organization needs to have an LIC assigned before you can proceed. If you don’t yet have a Labeler Identification Code, apply for an LIC here.

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For more information, please refer to our Auto-ID Standards and UDI and Labeling Resources pages. If you have any questions about using this tool, or the process involved in creating a data structure, please contact us.

HIBC Supplier Labeling Standard (SLS) Formatter (Version 2.5 Beta)