The Unique Device Identifier is a system used to mark & identify medical devices within the healthcare supply chain.
FDA’s New UDI Initiative
The widely-deployed HIN System currently identifies more than 1 million healthcare locations.
The Health Industry Number System (HIN)
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Setting Safer Standards Throughout The World

Health Industry Business Communications Council® ~Setting Safer Standards

HIBCC®, the Health Industry Business Communications Council, is an industry supported and internationally accredited nonprofit standards development organization with a global reach. We develop standards that meet the unique requirements of the world’s healthcare providers.

Our sole focus is setting safer standards for the healthcare industry. The medical field demands certain patient safety considerations, and our goal is to meet them by developing appropriate standards for information exchange and communication among all healthcare trading partners.

Our scope includes a wide variety of standards, from bar code labeling and Auto-ID to location identifiers and electronic commerce. In all cases we continue to emphasize “safety first”. Whether you’re here to create a bar code, learn more about Unique Device Identifiers (UDI), or to access the Health Industry Number (HIN) System, we are here to assist. Please contact us at 602.381.1091 with questions or if you need additional information.

Latest Updates

HIBCC Releases New Activity Codes To Meet 340B WAC Account Compliance for HIN Licensees. View the April 2014 Technical Bulletin for further detail. Click Here

HIN Distribution Files Available Online. On Friday, March 14, 2014, a new set of HIN distribution files will be available online. Download the periodic HIN distribution from iHIN.

HIBC UDI Implementation for the Dental Industry. HIBCC President, Bob Hankin presents to the Dental Trade Alliance. View the presentation Here.

European Dental Industry Organization Expresses Support for the HIBC UDI. Download the communiqué from FIDE (Federation of the European Dental Industry) HERE.

FDA Accredits HIBCC as Issuing Agency for UDI.   HIBCC has been accredited by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as an issuing agency for the assignment of Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs).  Read more HERE.

The Health Industry Supplier Labeling Standard – Version 2.4 – Now Available  Download a copy of version 2.4 HERE.

Become a HIBCC Labeler

Become a HIBCC Labeler

The Healthcare industry has a unique need for safety when it comes to labeling. Our tool creates HIBC-UPN data structures in seconds.Create HIBCC Structures →

Start Using the HIN System

Start Using the HIN System

The HIN® was created as a universal identifier to support the needs of trading partners in the supply chain.Learn More →

Access iHIN

Access iHIN

HIN licensees can access the iHIN System here.

 Access iHIN here →