Auto-ID Technical Committee (AITC)

Auto-ID Technical Committee (AITC)

The Auto-ID Technical Committee (AITC) works with the healthcare community to determine how best to support the development and implementation of open system automatic identification standards that will promote standardized information exchange between all healthcare participants.

Automatic identification systems are at the focal point of the discussion for improving clinical and logistical healthcare processes, such as those addressed by the FDA???s proposed UDI rule – More information available here.

Through the implementation of standards-based technology, providers can develop internal applications that minimize the potential errors involved in patient care and maximize operational efficiencies. Open system standards enable consistent information exchange between all parties, increasing the benefits of automation throughout the industry.

Join the AITC

The HIBCC AITC is open to the public for participation, and we invite you to apply to join by submitting your request for representation to us via email.

When submitting your request, please indicate your direct and material interest in the Technical Committee???s work, as well as your qualifications and willingness to actively participate. We also ask that you indicate whether the applicant is an organization, company or government agency. You must also identify a representative (and an alternate if desired).

All requests for committee representation are subject to approval by the HIBCC Board of Directors and the Committee itself. New Committee members are required to attend two consecutive meetings in order to be afforded the opportunity to vote.

In recommending whether to accept or deny applications, the Board of Directors and Committee consider the following:

  • Need for active participation by each interest group;
  • Potential for dominance by a single interest group;
  • Extent of interest expressed, and the applicant???s willingness to participate actively;
  • The representative identified by the applicant organization, company or government agency;
  • Consideration of reasonable limits on Committee size.

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If you have any questions about the AITC, please contact us.