HIBCC Membership

HIBCC has two membership categories:

Corporate Memberships

This membership category is available to companies who wish to support HIBCC efforts. Employees of Corporate Members are entitled to obtain HIBCC publications at no cost, and the fees for Corporate Members to attend HIBCC meetings are waived. In addition, Corporate Members may submit a banner advertisement and related hyperlink to be placed on the HIBCC website.

Dues for Corporate Affiliations are $2,500 (U.S.) annually.

Corresponding Memberships

This category was designed to allow individuals to stay on top of HIBCC activities and serve on various committees.

Members under this category are able to attend HIBCC meetings or obtain HIBCC publications at no cost.

Dues for Individual Affiliations are $150 (U.S) annually.

Contact HIBCC Today

Should you have any questions about HIBCC membership, please contact us at (602) 381-1091.


If you would like to join HIBCC, complete the online application form below, or download a PDF version of the form for manual payment.

*Important Note for International Credit Cards
If you are paying with a Non-United States/Canada credit card, you must use the PDF version of the application, available for download here.